Better Protection From Fires With The Ansul Fire Suppression System

Wedding catering services, restaurants and bars are amongst those types of businesses in the wedding industry that are at an increased risk of fires. Due to the nature of some of those venues where hot cooking appliances together with highly flammable liquids such as cooking oils are in use, effective fire prevention faces more challenges as compared to other types of businesses.

ansul-fire-suppressionThe Ansul kitchen suppression system is one of the most widely used fire suppression systems for such high risk commercial environments today.

It is found in commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels and hospitals all over the world.

What makes the Ansul kitchen suppression system stand out are several key differences as compared to conventional fire suppression systems.

Let me quickly go over those differences which can explain why should consider the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system.

* It uses a non-toxic extinguishing agent, an essential requirement for places such as kitchens and restaurants.

* The extinguishing agent used by the Ansul system is self dissolving which means less downtime for businesses due to minimum cleanup time required.

* The Ansul kitchen suppression system is not only designed to quickly extinguish fires but is likewise able to quickly cool down hot appliances such as grills and ovens. This is essential for commercial kitchens since otherwise there can be a risk of fire flashing.

If you are in the wedding catering or restaurant business and need a reliable fire suppression solution I can highly recommend that you look into the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system.

Planning Your Wedding But You’re Short on Cash?

To be honest, I was never a big friend of overly-pompous weddings where people spend a fortune on their wedding day. As someone once said, the bigger the wedding, the shorter the marriage. Well, this might be true or not. Here however I want to give you some tips on wedding planning if you’re somewhat short on cash.

Check out

You will learn that you won’t have to spend ¬£1,000 just on your dress or a fortune on a cake. It can be done much cheaper without really having to accept any compromises. Let’s be honest, it’s not the price tag on your gowns that will make your wedding day beautiful. There are so many other things than can make your wedding day unforgettable and a lot of those things don’t even cost a lot of money.

Why You Should Invest In Ergonomic Chairs

If you’re the owner of a wedding business you certainly don’t want to jeopardize the health of your employees. As you may already know, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to safety and security of your staff, from obvious things like fire alarms in your premises to not-so-obvious things like ergonomic office furniture.

A Modern Ergonomic Computer Chair

A Modern Ergonomic Computer Chair

It can well happen that serious health problems for your employees may arise because someone thought it would be a good idea to equip the office with cheap desks and office chairs that won’t adhere to any modern ergonomic standards.

So it happens your accountants or HR personnel will have to endure eight hours of strain on their back, they might get problems with their wrists because the desks are not the right height, along with other problems that can crop up in time.

Ultimately, your business will suffer because your workplace literally made your employees sick and they can’t work productively and effectively any longer.

With ergonomic chairs and modern office desks you can avoid such problems before they can come about. Yes, maybe a modern ergonomic computer chair may cost somewhat more than the chair you found for a few quid at your store’s bargain bin.

However if those “savings” would result in costing your business a fortune later-on due to health problems of your staff such an investment will be more than worth it, you can take my word here.

Most small businesses today won’t have that many employes so that a suitable number of ergonomic chairs won’t really be a major investment. Moreover, quality office furniture will last you much longer anyway. So, when you’re planning about furnishing your office so that anyone can work at their best without any potential health issues later down the road, consider ergonomic chairs for a reliable and reputable vendor for office furniture.


Getting a Job in The Wedding Industry

I had a bunch of people asking me how to get a job in the wedding industry. Here I want to share some links with you where you can get started.

This is a good site if you live in the US. It lists thousands of related jobs and you can search based on your state.

If you happen to be in the UK I can highly recommend and

With any of the above sites you shouldn’t have problems finding the right wedding job.

The Singing Waiters Are Absolutely Fantastic!

I had been at Minka’s wedding reception this past weekend and I can honestly say it was one of the best wedding receptions I’ve been to, ever! Everything was perfect that day. The weather was just awesome so we could spend the entire day outside and this is certainly something seeing that we have so much rain up here normally. The food and drinks were also extremely good. It was clear to me that Minka and Heinz only selected the best for their reception and the caterer they had was certainly no exception there!

the singing waitersHowever, what impressed me most, aside from the excellent food and all the other great stuff at their reception came later at night right after dinner when they all said their toasts.

Basically, what happened is that the last guy there lifted his glass and gave a somewhat awkward yet funny obviously VERY drunk  speech that all of a sudden loud music came on and some crazy guys came storming out the kitchen yelling and screaming.

Everyone was taken by total surprise and I am sure some were shocked because they had no idea what was going on. It took me and some others a minute or two to realize that those are the singing waiters!!

So basically after some shouting and yelling which clearly was an act because it was actually quite funny, they started their amazing singing and dancing. One of the guys pulled a bunch from the guest up the stage and everyone started dancing and clapping with them. It took like…a minute and the entire wedding reception turned into a crazy party.

I was extremely impressed with the singing waiters since I’ve never seen them performing before. Jennifer told me about them a whole ago but I really didn’t know how good they’d be if you see them live.

As far as I remember, their “surprise music” performance took like ninety minutes or so and I don’t think there is any better way for wedding entertainment. And this is when I swore to myself that I will recommend them to anyone where I know they’ll plan a wedding any time soon. Book them and don’t miss an opportunity to see the singing waiters if you want to really unforgettable wedding reception!